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Jérôme Brunel

Twenty weeks out. Twenty weeks. That’s how much time I’ve got to prepare and to get ready. And get ready I will.

As I embark upon this journey, I wanted to share with you how I am going to prepare for this race — my first Ironman ever. In fact, my first triathlon ever. From the gear I have, the struggles I meet and my state of mind. I’ll write on this blog about the reality behind the training.

Before getting started, I want to thank you for following my journey towards a dream I dreamed about achieving “one day”…

If you’ve ever accomplished something that required a significant effort from your body, this sentence must hit home. If it doesn’t, let me explain.

“believe in yourself” –Katrina Wright

In a society where bodies are put forward, we tend to think the body is responsible for most of the effort required to accomplish something physical–be it a 5k run, an Ironman triathlon or rehabilitation post-injury. Not a single athlete out there will tell you that’s true. Body prep is important, of course, building strength, building that aerobic condition and everything in between but, if the mind is not in it, there is no point.


These past two weeks have been filled with a lot. A lot of training and bike rides yet very little running and absolutely no swimming.

Century Ride

Century bike ride
Century bike ride

It’s with great pleasure that I can finally say I have completed my first “century” bike ride, meaning I’ve cycled for more than 100 kilometres at once! 110 kilometres to be accurate. No injuries, no aching and nutrition surprisingly almost perfect.

I used this Strava feature called “Explore” that allows, based on a few criteria like the kind of road and the distance, to generate a bike route from the user’s current location. It’s great…

If you’ve been even a little bit into the marathon world, you probably know Eliud Kipchoge. World record holder for official marathon distance, the 36-year-old is the fastest long-distance runner of all time. In 2019, he ran the first marathon under 2 hours, an achievement scientists said couldn’t be achieved by a human before 2075. Let’s take a look at his story.

Kipchoge grew up in Nandi County, in Kenya, as the youngest of four children. Raised by a single mother, Kipchoge ran 2 miles to school and used to bike to the nearest town to sell milk at the…

Finding excuses is by far what we humans do best. Procrastination, I-could-never-do-that attitude and setting limits for ourselves. And who’s to blame? In this world, distances are set for ourselves — 5 or 10-kilometre runs, a marathon, 50-metre long swimming pools. We play along these lines that, in fact, don’t mean anything at all.

What if the official marathon distance was 45 kilometres? What if it was 50? Would you run it? What if you were training in miles instead of kilometres, overall would you run more ground during training or less? How would that affect your race time? Let’s…

The global pandemic took a toll on us all, no doubts about that. On my end, I am still very grateful to not have lost any relative or friend to Covid-19 and to have kept my job. In regards to the Ironman, I missed a few stepping stones.

First Triathlon Cancelled

The first triathlon I was supposed to participate in, in August 2020, got cancelled. As a first step towards the Ironman triathlon, I signed up to the Toronto Island triathlon, a sprint distance triathlon, that I was sure I could complete. 750 meters of swimming, followed by 20 kilometres of bike and…

If you have ever watched Roger Federer play tennis, you understand how easy it is to return the ball with a racquet. Well, how easy it looks, really. Roger Federer, along with Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, has been considered one of the greatest male tennis players of all time. The main difference between him the others, is how easy and classy it looks to play tennis at the highest level. What did it take to get there? What does it take to stay there?

Roger Federer’s backhand

Whether it’s his famous one-handed backhand or his natural moving ability on clay, it took…

Do you ever think about the time you first started what you’re doing now? That very first time, the beginning. Think about it.

How did it feel back then? What were your thoughts and fears? Personally, I was way too scared, I thought I’d never do it yet I did. The marathon, the kilometres run and that talk I had with my friend Adam who was running the marathon with me, at the beginning of our training plan. “Can you believe at some point we’ll run half marathons for training purposes?” And we laughed about it. “Oh God.” We were…

Immediately when I landed in Toronto in the summer of 2017, I noticed how huge street art is here. The Graffiti Alley attracts lots of tourists every year but so many neighbourhoods have street art displays as well. From the underpass park basketball court on River Street to back alleys in the trendy hip neighbourhood on Ossington Avenue, it only gets better as you explore the town.

I’m not talking about small graffiti we see a lot in Europe. I am talking about massive beautiful displays — statements. “YOU’VE CHANGED” displayed on a big outside wall, “let the love win”…

As I wrote in my previous article, I ran a 10k Terry Fox run in September 2017 and that was the start of new beginnings for me. I was back. I was playing ultimate frisbee and soccer in recreational leagues and things were going great. At that time I wasn’t sure about what to do with this, should I go big and try a marathon, should I just live the same life as before, playing team sports and enjoying myself that way. To be honest, a marathon had always felt out of reach for me and the same is true…

Jérôme Brunel


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